Heritage of Goswami Haveli

Goswami Haveli is one of the historical Haveli of pusti cult. Here various arts like music, painting, culture, traditions are maintained since 500 years-from the time of Mahaprabhu Shree Vallabhacharyaji. Many invalueable ancient things and literary works are safe  even today here, in which manuscripts, tamrapatras, ancient literatures on different subjects like purana, ayurveda, dharmashastra, vyakarana, upanishadas etc. are there. Many royal handicrafts made for Shree Thakurji includes hindola, palna, hatri bangla made of sandal wood, shells, ivory, gold, silver and precious stones. Many other things like pichhvais, paintings, portraits, musical instruments, carts, palkhis, furniture, traditional dressings, swords, canons. The tradition is maintained from the ancient time, this Haveli is one of the rare.


Gosaiji Shree Vitthalnathji introduced the art of devotional music to appraise the leelas of Lord Shree Krishna. Shree Vitthalnathji appointed his eight sevak as of different culture and tradition to preform devotional music to appraise Shreenathji, that made the great combination of Indian Art. The Haveli Sangeet is based on Drupad Dhamar tradition of indian classical music. The various instruments used in Haveli Sangeet, includes pakhawaj, sarangi, dilruba, tanpura, vina, flute, jhanz, tal. Above all selection of instruments are based on the  seasonal manorath as and timings. Since 500 years Haveli Sangeet is one of the essential part of pustimarg.


Gosaiji Shree Vitthalnathji introduced the art istic tradition to sewa prakar of pustimarg. The inheritance of pichhwai art resembles the art istic behavior of the cult. The pichhvai art is inspired from the ancient Kishangar hart. Mainly Krishna lila and other shringararas related art is high lighted. Mostly pichhvais are of 8'x10' size. By the grace of pustimarg the privilege of this precious art is alive eventoday. The artists of this field are praised well by the Acharyas even today.

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