According to principles of Shree Vallabhacharyaji, the construction of this haveli is nicely done. The temple is called ‘Haveli’ because it does not have any shikhar-dhwaja(dome-flags) as Lord Krishna had his leela as in Nandraiji &Yashodaji’s home called Nandalay in Vraj.

The haveli campus is vastly situated in area above 500000 sq.feet. As we step in to the haveli, we are in the jagmohan, where the devotees stayback for the darshan of Shree Thakurji.Inside jagmohan hall, we stepin to the main tibaari following by the centre chowk from where the vaishnavas-devotees have there darshan. On the both side of a chowk, there are tibaar is where the manorath as are done, these tibaaris are known as doltibaari & palnatibaari.

      Infront side of the main chowk there is Nijtibaari.Inside Nijtibaari Nijmandir is situated where the seva of Shree Thakujiis performed. Devotees are not allowed to go inside Nijtibaari.On the both side of Nijmandir, Bhogmandir and Sheeshmahal is situated. More over there are Phoolghar, Shaakghar, Krushnabhandar, Rasoighar, Baalbhogghar in theHaveli complex. There is a small Gaushaala(Cowshed)in backside of Haveli.The main Gaushaala is located at Asarva Bethak where more than 150 cows are looked after.

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